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To continue the series of simple games from the Voodoo publisher, in this article we will introduce to you readers Fire Balls 3D – a game that has just been released around the world. The game still has the features that appeal to players right from the beginning and brings some new enhancements to improve the image quality. You have to overcome each challenge, in turn, come from the game, in order to achieve the highest score. There are opinions that the gameplay of Fire Balls 3D is based on the idea of Knife Hit from Ketchapp. If you are curious about this, we let’s explore the highlights of this game.

Learn about Fire Balls 3D

Fire Balls 3D for Android is the latest addition to the Voodoo family. Although “late birth” but this game is no less than the previous product from the publisher this. Until now, Voodoo has achieved much success with famous games such as Helix Jump or Hopefully, the release of Fire Balls 3D will help Voodoo quickly surpass Ketchapp to become the world’s largest single-player publisher for the time being. Does this game really attract players or not? Download the game via the APK link below this article to verify it.

Gameplay quite similar Knife Hit

Actually, the gameplay of Fire Balls 3D is quite similar to Knife Hit – the hit product from the publisher Ketchapp. By learning the advantages of the competition and bringing new improvements, Fire Balls 3D will definitely make players unable to take their eyes off the screen during the game experience.

Game manipulation is relatively simple, players only need to touch the game screen to be able to make shots from the gun. This will save you a lot of time when you are familiar with the control system of Fire Balls 3D. In general, the integration of activities is not too picky is a perfectly reasonable thing in games that have simple gameplay like Fire Balls 3D.

Complete assigned challenges

Because of the recent launch, so the number of screens play in the game relatively limited. You need to pass 20 levels in the game to achieve the highest score. In the next update, the release of Voodoo promises to the game screen achieve the maximum degree of difficulty to make players feel drawn to enjoy the game. Please wait a little longer to experience the perfect.

You will be given a cannon in 3D Fire Balls for iOS, your task is to use it to destroy the built-in towers. Players only need to touch the screen to use it, note the longer the touch, the more bullets will fire out. Of course, the tower will be protected by solid walls, if the bullets touching them will mean you will lose quickly. Be cautious of your actions if you do not want to start from zero. In the first game screen, the wall protection step will move quite slowly helps the player can quickly destroy the tower and to the next challenge. The difficulty will be added in the screen the next play, the protective wall will move continuously and do not follow any rule, you have to really concentrate make a logical decision to win.

Graphics and sound are invested carefully

Like other Voodoo products, Fire Balls 3D is also equipped with extremely beautiful and vivid image quality. The details of the game can be dressed very carefully about the image you can feel moments of great entertainment right on your phone. At each level of the game, you will be teleported to different locations to perform the assigned challenges. This will help you not feel bored when experiencing the game for a long time.

The sound in the game is simply a vibrant background music combined with the noise emitted every time the player performs the operation but still makes the player feel extremely comfortable when enjoying. In general, we should not demand too much in a game developed in a simple traditional style.


With what brings, Fire Balls 3D MOD APK really fit the needs of players at the present time. The gameplay is developed quite nicely to create the attraction for players as soon as the experience. If you are a people favorite line Voodoo simple game, try to download the game and enjoy the fun that it brings even slightly.

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