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The publisher Ketchapp has just released the official version of Excalibur – a game developed a long time ago. Promising in the coming time, will bring out some outstanding features and help the player enjoy relatively interesting. It is said that this is Ketchapp’s first product built on the familiar role-playing gameplay. However, Excalibur kept simple gameplay as the previous success. You will not need to do too much in the game, but still, feel the fun that the game brings. Current, Excalibur only appears on the Appstore, and no specific release time on Google. You can also download the game by clicking on the APK link below this article to be able to experience it easily. Let’s find out some points from this game right away.

The plot relatively easy to understand

The plot of the Excalibur was built similar to Mario games reputation. In the game Excalibur, the player’s task is to rescue the princess from the castle of demons. You will be given this important responsibility, not someone else. Excalibur brings the vast land where the player faces many dangers in order to fulfill his assigned mission. Are you ready to become a hero in the beautiful princess yet? Download the game and rescue the princess from the monster horror right away.

Overall, Excalibur’s storyline is not so special, but it’s quite appropriate for a simple style game. This will help the player quickly get to know the plot without spending too much time.

Control system extremely simple

The majority of previous games, players just touch the claw into the screen is able to experience the game easily. The majority of previous games, players just touch the claw into the screen is able to experience the game easily. Excalibur, on the other hand, requires the player to incorporate controls in order to optimize the character’s power. The virtual steering wheel on the left of the experience screen will help you control the character quickly. In addition, the features placed on the right side of the screen will make the character launch his skills. You can combine the buttons to launch nice combo strings and knock enemies down in a split second.

Rescue the princess

Excalibur brings a lot of challenges to the player, you will have to pass each level, to be able to perform the next challenge. The first screenplay will be relatively simple to make players feel excited in the first game experience. The difficulty will be increased rapidly in the next game, which means that the monsters will appear more and more ready to take you down at any time.

Players must manipulate real agility to dodge away from the skills from the enemy, simultaneously launched attacks and defeats them decide immediately. At each level of play, you will have to kill enough monsters to complete the quest. The next challenge will be to increase the number of monsters that need to be destroyed, be careful in the battle phase if you do not want to lose quickly.

The life of the character is shown by the number of hearts, which is integrated on the experience screen. If blood is low, try to collect random recovery sprays on the map. Players should not fight enemies with blood, trying to dodge attacks from them to wait for recovery time. Note, your character will not be able to upgrade skills like normal role-playing games. This will help players not spend too much time in the game experience, eliminating unnecessary manipulation to fit the simple style that the publisher Ketchapp has directed.

Familiar cartoon graphics

Graphics in the game are built in the familiar cartoon style, making the game more suitable for many ages players. The details in the game are not too sharp but still retain the certain attract, you can feel the fierce battle through the image is perfectly integrated from the Excalibur.


Excalibur really brings a new breath and makes a difference compared to previous products from the publisher Ketchapp. The role-playing game is not so prominent, but it still makes the player feel very impressed by the experience. You will make a great mission in the game, try to complete to be able to receive the reward that the game brings. What are you waiting for? Download the game and start your journey right away.

Depending on your needs, you can download Excalibur MOD APK or Excalibur Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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