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The city’s parking lots are overloaded, causing the cars to move to the curb in order to find a good parking location. However, you have to control your car parked in the right position to not affect the traffic order of the city. That is also your most important task when experiencing Drive and Park – a simple genre game developed by SayGames LLC. Despite its recent launch, Drive and Park game has shown its charm by reaching 4.6 / 5 Ratings on the App Store. Unfortunately, the game is not currently available on Google Play. Android has to wait a little more time to experience the game. In this article, we will help you better understand the interesting points that the game brings.

About the publisher SayGames LLC

They have been in the market for quite some time now and have given players quality products like Ball Control or Street Dunk. Especially the games developed by SayGames LLC are equipped with extremely simple gameplay but always know the players are attracted from the first game experience. Drive and Park, too, inherits a simple traditional style, but incorporating some interesting features is definitely a game that can not be missed at the moment. You can download the game using the APK link below this article for quick access.

Manipulation is easy to understand

Drive and Park bring a relatively easy-to-understand operating system that makes it easy for gamers to get familiar with the gameplay right away. You just need to touch the screen to help your car parked at the specified position in each screen. In addition, there will not be any other actions in the game that make things simple and do not waste too much time when players first experience the game.

Ensure street order

As the quality of life improves, the means of transportation is gradually replaced by cars in order to ensure the safety of people. This led to the situation of the parking lot is always overloaded and makes the city people face many difficulties.

In this game, you will be tasked to solve this problem by steering the cars in each level to the right place to avoid traffic jams. On the street will appear white lines, they will help players recognize the parking location is set and you just control the car moving to the specified location. Your mission in Drive and Park is relatively simple in the first level, but in the next challenges will be very difficult. You need to focus on the game experience because just one small mistake, everything will have to start over.

Many challenges are waiting for you to conquer

Drive and Park offer an extremely versatile gameplay system that allows players to conquer the challenges of the game, thereby creating a record score in each game. After completing the most number of levels, players will be redeemed to other routes to perform their missions. This will help players to both travels around the world and ensure the schedule of work assigned. Are you ready to become a traffic controller in Drive and Park? Download the game and do it right now.

In addition, after each game you will be able to get certain bonuses to buy the car looks good in the game. Of course, the player can not control the car, but it still creates excitement for the player during the game experience. When you own the cars you like, they will appear more and more often, you have to manipulate quickly to find the right place to park if you do not want to get failed quickly.

Explore busy streets

Drive and Park will bring players to the busy streets of famous cities around the world through extremely beautiful image quality. Although the game is only equipped with 2D graphics quality, the images in the game are portrayed relatively successfully, giving the player the feeling of being immersed in the game immediately.

In addition, the layout of the details in the game is arranged in a very reasonable way, this will not make players feel glitchy when playing games for a long time. In general, the visual quality that Drive and Park bring to a certain point contributes to the game’s success in the present.

Drive and Park is worth to experience

The game features unique gameplay combined with new features promising to bring you wonderful moments of experience right on your phone. If you are looking for a simple yet entertaining game, Drive and Park will be the perfect name to fulfill your needs.

For players using IOS, your device must have version 8.0 or higher to be able to download games. Drive and Park is a free game for all players in the world, it would be a pity if you do not try to download games and enjoy once in your life.

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