NameDrive Ahead
Publisher Dodreams
Latest Version1.87
PlatformsAndroid 4.4, iOS 8.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins


In the previous posts, we have brought to you the extremely outstanding racing games at the present time. Especially, the presence of Hill Climb Racing or Asphalt 8: Airborne will definitely make lovers of speed impossible to ignore. In this article, Drive Ahead (MOD, Unlimited Coins) will be our main character – this is a game developed in the traditional racing style but integrated with many unique advantages that promise to bring players the most exciting moments of experience taste on your phone. Drive Ahead is developed by the publisher of Dodreams, it is currently available on both the largest online store, Google Play, and the App Store, allowing players to easily download and experience the game quickly. Please join us in a brief review of this game.

The difference in terms of gameplay

Can see Drive Ahead brings very unique gameplay compared to the rest in the game market, this will help players feel the fun that the game brings as soon as experience. In the game, you will be tasked to control your car continuously moving forward to perform collisions with the enemy, thereby receiving a certain number of rewards when destroying an opponent somehow on the map.

Initially, players will have to play against the machine via traditional PvE mode to be able to get used to the gameplay that the game brings. The first level will be relatively simple, this will help players easily capture the game in the game and can control proficiency in a short period of time.

The difficulty will be increased in the next game screen, making players face stronger opponents than before. You need to control your vehicle properly in every certain situation if you don’t want them to be defeated quickly. Remember, you can only lose when you get hit by other opponents, which leads to the car becoming unbalanced and overturned.

The control system is relatively easy

Next highlight that comes from Drive Ahead is that it is equipped with a very simple operating system to help players be able to control their vehicle proficiently in a short period of time. The virtual buttons are integrated quite intuitively on the experience screen. You just need to touch the left / right arrow buttons to help your car move easily. Players need to control it properly because just a small mistake can cause you to fail immediately.

Fierce battles

Drive Ahead will take players to extremely crazy battles, where you will have to turn your car into a real gladiator to perform continuous clashes with other opponents. This is an uncompromising battle, so skill is the most important factor to help players win the battle against their opponents.

The special thing is that players will be taken to different locations to participate in fierce battles. After completing a game, you will be taken to the next place to start playing right away. Note, the terrain in the game will also change constantly, making it difficult for players to control their vehicle.

Customize the car according to your preferences

The game also allows players to use the money earned through each game screen to be able to customize the vehicle to suit their preferences easily. Each car in the game will have advantages as well as separate shapes, this will help players easily select and own their own interesting cars in Drive Ahead. In addition, you can alternately change between cars in each game screen to feel the fun they bring.

Many attractive game modes

Drive Ahead is equipped with 4 extremely attractive game modes, players can easily find a mode to suit themselves to choose the experience. In addition, you can also compete with other players around the world via an internet connection or choose a two-player mode on the same device to feel the fun during the enjoyment process.

The picture quality is not too beautiful

Drive Ahead is a game developed in a simple style, so its image quality is not too beautiful compared to other products of the same category. The images in the game are built based on Pixel style – one of the popular styles on game series a few decades ago. This is probably a rather bold move from the publisher of Dodreams but with more than 50,000,000 installments on Google Play coming from this game, it is enough to prove their correctness when bringing the quality of average graphics for this game.

The end

Drive Ahead is truly a game that can help players feel relaxed during the experience. Although it belongs to the genre of racing, this game mainly focuses on exploiting the fierce collisions of vehicles in each game screen promising to make you feel extremely excited when enjoying. In addition to the advantages in terms of gameplay, this game also brings unique Pixel image quality along with the vivid sound system will definitely make you feel extremely satisfied right from the first experience.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Drive Ahead MOD APK or Drive Ahead Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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