NameDragon Hills 2
Publisher Rebel Twins
Latest Version1.1.0
PlatformsAndroid 4.1, iOS 8.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins


Dragon Hills 2 is the next version of the famous game of the same name released long ago from the publisher Rebel Twins. It can be said that it is post-production to give players a lot of unique features during the experience. Unlike the previous version, this game became more exciting thanks to many changes in interface design as well as the appearance of the creepy Zombies. Perhaps the subject Zombies are very familiar to the players through lots of games in the market like Deadly Convoy or Stupid Zombies 3, but Dragon Hills 2 will give you a completely different Zombies experience than the same category games. Please download the game to join us to enjoy the fascinating adventure in this game now. But first, you should consult this article to learn some more information about Dragon Hills 2.

Change in many aspects

Unlike the previous version, Dragon Hills 2 has changed the whole enemy from the ancient soldiers into the creepy and extremely dangerous Zombies army. This will help players feel the newness when enjoying the game but still retain the inherent characteristics of this game. In addition, the game context will take place in modern cities instead of the kingdom covered with white snow as the original version.

Overall, the game still carries the story from Dragon Hill 1 when players need to complete their tasks by helping the princess control her dragons to destroy all the creepy Zombies all over the map and protect people’s peace. In addition, there will be some minor changes compared to the previous version as the player also has more choices in the game or through the props that the dragon can eat to create explosions, thereby giving more fun experiences for players.

The gameplay still retains the familiar simplicity

The gameplay in Dragon Hills 2 does not have too many changes compared to the previous version. This will help players easily get familiar with the gameplay in the first time experience. During the game, players will ride dragons sliding down the hills, crawl to the ground and jump from there, shoving, breaking everything along the way in this continuous action adventure. Many mysterious magic lands are full of zombies, giants, dragons and countless other incredible surprises waiting for players to explore. Are you confident that you will complete all the assigned tasks? Find the answer by downloading the game via the APK link below right away.

In addition, the control system in the game is also extremely simple to help players can easily control their characters to move or release special skills to defeat all enemies in each game screen.

Integrated many great features

It can be seen that Dragon Hills 2 has a very positive change compared to the previous version to help players get the best experience moments right on their phones. Typically, there are some great features like:

• Extremely attractive gameplay makes players feel thrilled during the experience. The special thing is that it will make you unable to take your eyes off the phone screen right from the first game.

• In the game, you can easily destroy the entire terrain including buildings, bridges, vehicles … easily. This will make the player feel extremely excited.

• The number of maps and screenplay is extremely diverse with lots of epic boss fights. Therefore, you can completely conquer 21 towers and explore 3 large worlds that are integrated throughout the process of enjoying the game.

• The special thing is that players can upgrade dragons to become more powerful through the amount of money earned after each game screen. This will help your dragon fly faster, get down to the ground longer, increase attack or defense, etc. In addition, it has evolved and changed shape after every upgrade.

In addition to the advantages, there are still some disadvantages. To meet the current needs of players before the storms of the series, the manufacturer has added 3 new interfaces and 20 the milestone for players to pass is level up. This helps players feel that the game is not as repetitive as boring as some current games.

Graphics quality has also improved significantly

Graphics quality in Dragon Hills 2 has also changed dramatically compared to the previous version, such as the details of the game have been carefully elaborated in terms of images to help the surroundings become beautiful and lively than ever. The main color tones are quite successful, making the player feel like being immersed in the in-game adventure right on his phone. In addition, the transition effect in the game is really smooth, allowing you to enjoy a stable game on low-profile devices.

Dragon Hills 2 is really a perfect upgrade

With what it brings, Dragon Hills 2 is really a strategy game that is worth to experience in the present time. Although facing many other popular games, Dragon Hills 2 still receives the support of many players worldwide through the outstanding features that it owns.

Depending on your needs, you can download Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK or Dragon Hills 2 Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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