NameDisney Heroes: Battle Mode
Publisher PerBlue Entertainment
Latest Version1.9.3
PlatformsAndroid, iOS 10.0
MOD FeaturesNo


Are you ready to become a superhero against crime in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode (APK)? This game promises to bring new emotions to players. The game is currently in the top spot on the Appstore, though not so long ago. The publisher of PerBlue Entertainment, Inc. has teamed up with the Disney-based filmmaker, to create a successful gaming visual that will surely keep players around the world favorite. In this article, we will explore the highlights from Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, and get a better overview of this game.

Meet the superheroes of childhood

Perhaps one of us has seen the famous animated film from Disney, one of the largest film producers in the world at the moment. Coming to Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, players will be able to rejoin the heroes of childhood, such as the Incredibles, Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps, etc. All of them will be controlled by you for rescue missions monsters from bloodthirsty villains. If you are ready in this war, then embark on the experience now.

The hero comes from Disney Heroes: Battle Mode provides various stats and abilities, allowing players to easily choose the character that fits their squad. After each battle, you will receive the corresponding amount of money used to unlock the character, spend the money reasonable to achieve the best. In addition, you can upgrade your characters to increase their strength, more comprehensive in every battle.

Thrilling storyline

The invaders from the universe are spreading malicious viruses that cause the entire human race to face the moment of birth and death, including the superhero is no exception. They destroy all places when they arrive, everything becomes wild and devastated when they pass. The player’s task is to assemble a superhero team, negotiating a battle plan to destroy the virus as soon as possible. This will be the last chance to save the earth, if the calculation is wrong then the consequences will be very heavy. Are you ready to save the world in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode yet?

Simple control mode

The gameplay of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is built into the familiar card style. First, you will gather a complete squad to fight with other players. Initially, your hero’s stats are low, try to win more to boost their strength. The battle will take place in turn, each team will be unleashing skills on the enemy if the team’s low blood will get people fast defeat. To win, you have to take advantage of everything to help your heroes maximize their power. Pay attention to the rage, it will fill up after a certain amount of time, the heroes in your squad have to perform the damage skills and turn the situation over in a snap.

In battles, players will not need to manipulate too much. You just need to build a proper team with perfect stats, to beat all players around the world. This will make you feel excited while experiencing.

Familiar graphics style

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode brings great visual quality, the characters in the game are built with cartoon standards like the original, will definitely make you feel satisfied. The diverse skill set is very unique, which will bring the fun special to this game. In particular, players will see the battle seemingly can only be enjoyed on blockbuster movies.

The end

This game completely fulfills the player’s expectations for a unique card game and fighting style. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode promises to be one of the most successful titles on the subject, what else do you still hesitate to download and experience live battles?

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Disney Heroes: Battle Mode MOD APK or Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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