NameDead Trigger 2
Publisher MADFINGER Games
Latest Version1.5.5
PlatformsAndroid 4.1, iOS 8.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Ammo


Publisher MADFINGER Games always knows how to bring impressive products to players through a variety of completely different styles. However, Zombies are always one of the topics they exploit the most through different aspects. Some of the products that have achieved previous success, such as Dead Trigger or UNKILLED, have made a strong impression on players worldwide thanks to their outstanding advantages. In this article, we will introduce you Dead Trigger 2 – the next version of the game of the same name promises to bring extremely interesting and exciting moments as soon as experience. The game is now widely released through the App Store and Google Play, allowing players to easily download and enjoy games quickly. Let’s come with some detailed reviews of this cult game.

Background pandemic Zombies familiar

It can be seen that the context in Dead Trigger 2 is not really different from the same games. The game is still based on a worldwide epidemic of Zombies, all caused by a strange virus that makes it impossible for scientists to find a timely treatment. With people constantly becoming Zombies, the risk of extinction becomes even closer.

In the game, you will become one of the last survivors of this pandemic. Your mission is to join the global resistance and destroy all Zombies to protect the safety of humanity. The special thing is that the game gives players the first perspective to make it easy for you to feel the fierce atmosphere in every battle you join. What are you waiting for? Download the game and become a hero right now.

The control operation is relatively easy

The control system in Dead Trigger 2 is not really different from other products on the market, is it just a change of virtual button icons to help players feel more excited when experiencing. You will still use the virtual steering wheel button to the left of the screen to help the character move easily. In addition, other actions such as shooting, pedal loading, gun change … are integrated right to help you easily manipulate with both hands. Players will be familiar with the in-game operations through basic training that appears at the beginning of the game, you need to pass it to continue your journey.

Mission Impossible

To explore the storyline in the game, you need to overcome the challenges given to decipher the mysteries of the virus that turned humans into Zombies. You will be taken to places that are supposed to be their bases to destroy them all to relieve the pressure on the military. This may be the last place you have arrived because the Zombies army is very crowded and dangerous, just a moment of vigilance you can lose immediately.

Of course, the player will not do this alone, but also with the help of other teammates, coordinate with them so that they can win quickly. The difficulty of each mission is completely different, you need to be calm in any situation if you don’t want to be a good bait for Zombies. In addition, the game is integrated with many different scenarios that promise to always make you feel excited when you experience.

Players are allowed to change weapons during the battle, which will help you easily choose the right weapons in each situation to maximize the power they bring. Overall, Dead Trigger 2’s gameplay really made us feel impressed. How about you? Join the game now to get the most accurate judgment.

A variety of unique weapons

The most special feature from Dead Trigger 2 is probably that this game is integrated with more than 50 unique weapons that allow players to use to freely destroy the Zombies in the game. Each type of weapon will have a different power to help players can choose in the necessary situations, and you can use the money that you earn to upgrade weapons to optimize power that they bring. Please choose for yourself a most suitable weapon and start a fierce battle with Zombies right now.

Really impressive graphics

Dead Trigger 2 is equipped with a very sharp and beautiful 3D graphics format that promises to bring you a vivid feeling every time you experience the game. The image of Zombies in the game is portrayed relatively successfully through meticulous design lines that will surely make you feel extremely satisfied. The game’s transition effect is relatively smooth and stable, but you need to own a device with a high enough configuration so as not to experience interruption when gaming experience.


Dead Trigger 2 is really a great upgrade compared to the previous version. With new improvements in many aspects makes this game stand out but still retains the traditional Zombies style from the first version. The game is currently achieving record installments on Google Play with more than 50,000,000 plays making it one of the most successful role-playing products in the gaming market today.

Depending on your needs, you can download Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK or Dead Trigger 2 Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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