Publisher Ellation
Latest Version6.0.0
PlatformsAndroid 4.1+ iOS 8.0+
MOD FeaturesNo


If you are a fan of the familiar card game series with simple but creative gameplay, then DanMachi is a game not to be missed. The game was not overshadowed by the cult game of the same genre as Clash Royale or The Elder Scrolls: Legends, even peculiarities make players feel fresh and want to experience immediately. : Memoria Freese was developed by Ellation Inc., a relatively unknown publisher for many. Reportedly, this game is now available on both Android and iOS operating systems, with installs up to 200,000. Can say that this is a pretty big number in a game launched not long ago. For more information, invite everyone to share with you the interesting points that this game brings.


The name DanMachi is no longer strange to those who love the movie Anime. This is a popular manga from Japan, made into a film with the heroine formed extremely beautiful and lovely to attract many fans worldwide. DanMachi took the similar context comic original, players will be transformed into Bell Crane a young man with a dangerous journey awaits. He will have to carry on The Dungeon, a mysterious region with a variety of monsters that are guarding, with the aim of falling a girl. Does it sound absurd? But because human love can do everything.

These Beautiful girls

DanMachi brings players to a world full of mystery and fun, where you have the task of recruiting beautiful ladies charmingly with his team, with the goal of conquering the world based on the story is built-in. At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced to how it operates through specific instructions. If you have ever experienced card games, then DanMachi’s gameplay will not take you long to grasp.

Players will have to convince the girls about the same team, before starting with more difficult challenges. Each girl will look different and strength, you should choose the full criteria necessary to help the team become more perfect.

Familiar battle system

DanMachi‘s combat style is designed in the usual turn-based direction for card games. Players can enjoy the battle vividly without having to do anything, the characters are automated and team-mates are arranged. This is one of the attractive features of the familiar card game series, it helps players save maximum time when the game experience. DanMachi also integrates a variety of tasks, allowing players to enjoy the game without being boring.

Online arena

After gathering enough players and familiarizing yourself with how DanMachi works, you can play against players all over the world via online mode. Here, you are shown superior skills and tactics to beat the other opponents. Remember they are the same strength as your team, do not despise the opponent if you do not want to get a bitter defeat.

Graphic familiar

In terms of graphics, DanMachi is equipped with 3D graphics similar to other card games. The image in the game is built in the familiar cartoon style, with the details are described in detail will definitely make the player feel satisfied. Especially the hot and beautiful girls, they are vividly portrayed to create a successful game in terms of visuals and play.


Compared to other card games are available in the market, DanMachi MOD APK proved to be dominant in terms of graphics and gameplay. The game will bring you to a world of attractive girls, suitable for those who are lonely and have not found a half for themselves. If you love this game, you can download DanMachi for Android / iOS for free, to enjoy a new legendary game offline.

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