NameColor Bump 3D
Publisher Good Job Games
Latest Version1.1.1
PlatformsAndroid 5.0, iOS 9.0
MOD FeaturesUnlocked


In this article, we will continue to introduce you the game Color Bump 3D – the latest name from the famous Good Job Games publisher. Basically, this game is designed in traditional Arcade style like the popular products in the market like Scale or will surely bring great moments of experience for players when enjoying. You can download the game via the App Store or the link below this article to be able to experience the game quickly. Note, Color Bump 3D has not yet fixed exactly the date of publishing on Google Play, making many players worldwide unable to access this exciting game. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights that it brings right away.

Simple task

In Color Bump 3D, the player will have a relatively simple task and easily overcome in the first stage. This will help players get used to the gameplay that the game brings in a short period of time, thereby creating excitement every time they win a game. You just need to overcome different color obstacles in each level, while protecting yourself safely before reaching the destination to be able to win quickly. In addition, players can touch obstacles of the same color as the character and turn them into a solid shield to avoid threats during the game experience.

Operation system is relatively easy to understand

Like other games of the same genre, Color Bump 3D is equipped with a fairly easy-to-understand operation system to help players master fluently in a short period of time. Just swipe left or right to experience the screen to help your character move in the designated direction. In general, you do not need to manipulate too much in this game but still feel interesting during the game experience.

Difficult challenges

Color Bump 3D will bring players to a lot of challenges with increasing difficulty over time, this will require you to stay focused while experiencing the game to be able to overcome as many stages as possible. In the first level, you will not take too much time to control the character rolling the target quickly. The next game screen will be more difficult when it requires players to make their characters cleverly overcome obstacles appear everywhere, you need to make use of the same colored blocks of your character to form a solid shield to protect yourself against threatening threats.

In general, the game will give players hundreds of different levels with a skillfully arranged difficulty that keeps you in focus if you don’t want to be defeated quickly. The threats in the levels will also be completely different and integrated without following any rules will certainly cause a lot of difficulties for you if you want to get the highest score. This shows that players will not be able to guess the challenges that they face in the next game screen, really focus to be able to overcome the final challenge in this game offline.

The gameplay is simple but it is difficult to be excellent

Actually, the game that Color Bump 3D brings will not make you too much difficulty in getting acquainted. However, in order to become a good player, you need to spend a lot of time practicing, and playing games regularly to understand the built-in rules. Practice a lot to become an excellent player in Color Bump 3D, then challenge the people around to feel great right away.

Unique graphic design

Graphics in Color Bump 3D are designed in a simple style but still create a distinct characteristic will definitely not make you feel disappointed when experiencing. The details in the game are designed in many different shapes, along with the bright and dark tones integrated in an extremely harmonious manner that promises to make players feel the excitement throughout the game. Overall, the game’s image quality meets the expectations of players about a game developed in a simple, traditional style.

Color Bump 3D is a very remarkable game

Compared to other names in the game market, Color Bump 3D really stands out thanks to the advantages that it has built in. The game was developed by the publisher of the reputation combined with the investment carefully in terms of gameplay as well as image quality, will definitely make players unable to take their eyes off the phone screen. If you are a fan of simplicity in a mobile game, you should not ignore the presence of Color Bump 3D at the present time. Quickly download the game and immerse yourself in the difficult but exciting challenges that the game brings right away.

In addition, Color Bump 3D also achieves 4.5 / 5 rating points on the App Store. This is also enough to prove the appeal of this game to players worldwide. The game supports devices with iOS 8.0 or later operating system including the iPhone and iPad. You can also download the game quickly using the APK link below this article.

Depending on your needs, you can download Color Bump 3D MOD APK or Color Bump 3D Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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