NameClumsy Climber
Publisher Ketchapp
Latest Version1.9
PlatformsAndroid 5.0+ iOS 8.0+
MOD FeaturesNo


Ketchapp has always been known as a publisher of simple-to-play titles but has enjoyed an of success. They have achieved great success with games such as M.r Gun or Knife Hit, and many other products. Recently is Clumsy Climber developed for the purpose of aim to overcome the previous products on the number of downloads and revenue. This game has a very simple gameplay with interesting details surrounding the protagonist, which will definitely make you feel good. The way it is built by publisher Ketchapp does not need to be said too much, because it is simply excellent. Clumsy Climber is available on both Android and iOS, and it’s free to download and enjoy. For more information, please check out the highlights of this game.

Fascinating facts

Clumsy Climber will bring players to a coastal village where they constantly face the natural disaster. The people in the village are very familiar with the scene in which they experience anger from nature, and find ways to prevent them. However, the floods came suddenly and drowned the people here. You will be transformed into the last survivor, seeking to escape this affliction. With intelligence agility and flexible manipulation, you will have to help this character escape the great flood. Are you ready for a dangerous challenge in this game?

Engaging gameplay

Operation way of Clumsy Climber is not too complex, it simplified the maximum thing to bring vivid experience. You just need to manipulate your character to stick to the wooden stick, be able to create distance with the water level. However, floodwater will continue to rise over time, which will make you lose quickly if subjective.

You will not take too much time to get used to the controls of Clumsy Climber, your task is simply to touch the stairs placed scattered across the screen, to help your character not to be the floods swept away. At first, everything will be very easy to make players feel excited. After a while, the difficulty of the game will be increased rapidly, the stairs will disappear after a certain time, be careful with that thing.

Clumsy Climber is built in the style of Endless Run, which will make the game last endless, only when you make mistakes new ending this game screen. This is a very familiar style in games of the same genre, will make the game become simpler than ever, with a new experience.

Unlock costumes

Along the way, players can pick up coin randomly on the stairs, which will help you unlock beautiful and new clothes. This will not make you feel depressed for a long game experience. However, do not take too much into the coins because they can cause you to lose your life at any time.

Graphics and vivid sound

Like many other games from Ketchapp, Clumsy Climber owns quite a friendly graphics and brings out the distinctive features of the publisher. Actually the image in the game is not too fussy but still makes the players feel like a mix in a life-and-death battle. The sound is also a notable addition to the game, though Clumsy Climber brings only music and background noise, but contributes greatly to the game’s identity.

Clumsy Climber really alluring?

The publisher of Ketchapp did well in this game. Clumsy Climber really brings a unique experience to players, you will soon be fascinated by the gameplay is built in the simple style and suitable for all ages. Do not forget to regularly visit our website every day, to update more new games. This is also a section to support us.

Depending on your needs, you can download Clumsy Climber MOD APK or Clumsy Climber Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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