NameClean Road
Publisher SayGames
Latest Version1.3.0
PlatformsAndroid 4.1, iOS 9.0
MOD FeaturesNo


Snow has always been a natural phenomenon that has been noticed most of the world, but not everyone can see snow falling in the place where they live because this phenomenon only takes place in the winter in the countries where there is temperate climate. However, excessive snowfall also causes a lot of serious problems, especially affecting transportation systems in many countries around the world. In Clean Road, players will be able to witness the snow condition directly, which directly affects the quality of life of the people. Your task in this game is to control the snow truck to help the vehicles can circulate again. It can be seen that the gameplay of this game is quite similar to the famous products like Evertech Sandbox or Poly Bridge that promises to bring players great entertainment moments on their phones.

People’s lives are seriously affected

The heavy snowfall made the transport system in the cities around the world paralyzed, so everywhere was covered in white snow. It all depends on you in opening the way for people who are stuck in their own home. They cannot drive to work, go to school or go anywhere to make life more stagnant than ever. People sitting in cars parked at the driveway are waiting for you to rescue in Clean Road. Are you ready to do that? Quickly download games via the APK link below this article to solve the urgent situation now.

Ensure safety for vehicles

In Clean Road, players will have to show their driving skills along with a little skill to control the truck to clear snow to help people drive safely. It sounds simple but when done, you will encounter many obstacles during the game experience.

Basically, when you clear the snow in front of the door from the house to house, the people’s cars will follow your truck to the main road and that means you have completed the current level to enter the new stage in Clean Road. However, your task in this game is not only to clear the snow, but also to help your car dodge the obstacles that appear all the way. Each obstacle will bring a particular disadvantage, for example, they will make your truck move more slowly, leading to the cars coming behind and crashing into your rear end. Be skillful in controlling a truck because by simply touching any obstacle, you will get failed immediately.

Easy operation

Just like games of the same genre, Clean Road does not require players to perform too many operations during the experience. You just need to touch the screen and swipe continuously to the left or right to help your car move as reasonable as possible. In addition to quick and accurate manipulation, players need to concentrate highly during the game’s enjoyment because just one minute of vigilance will face a lot of challenges in this game. Overall, Clean Road owns a relatively simple control system that allows players to master the skill right from the first experience.

The difficulty will gradually increase over time

When passing more and more stages, players will have to face more difficult challenges than before. Typically, you have to free people cars on both sides of the road and obstacles will also appear with extremely thick frequencies. To achieve the maximum score in each game screen requires players to fully meet the demand that the game offers as rescue all cars stuck in the snow. You should control your car in the zigzag mode to be able to rescue more vehicles and avoid obstacles in front of you easily. Note, you can skip a few cars in each level because this will not affect your performance too much.

In addition, when confronting many obstacles at the same time, it is better than you choose to stab through small obstacles because big things will take you more time to push.

Graphics vivid, clear

Graphically, we probably don’t need to say too much about Clean Road because it is promised by the publisher with a beautiful and vivid image quality that will make players feel excited throughout the enjoying game process. This game brings an extremely lively environment system through the white snow image along with the mild yellow fields that make up the unique and different from the other games in the game market today. Although the details in the game are designed in a cartoon style but still show the necessary eye-catching.


Clean Road is truly an incredibly entertaining game. It is suitable for the audience who wants to kill time through simple gameplay. The game integrates a lot of interesting features that allow you to explore different places, complete difficult challenges to help transport vehicles easily circulate in the context of extreme weather. Therefore, Clean Road is definitely an indispensable game on your phone in the future. Download the game via the link below and experience it right away.

Depending on your needs, you can download Clean Road MOD APK or Clean Road Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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Clean Road: Clean the road!
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