NameCivilization Revolution 2
Publisher 2K
Latest Version1.4.4
PlatformsAndroid 3.0, iOS 8.0
MOD FeaturesNo


Although it was launched a long time ago, the name Civilization Revolution 2 has always received a lot of attention from players all over the world. This is a game developed in a traditional tactical style combined with a lot of unique features that will surely be an extremely suitable choice for many players. Basically, the gameplay of this game is quite similar to the products like Castle Clash or Braveland Heroes but has been greatly customized to create prominence in many aspects that promise not to make you feel disappointed right away from the first experience of the game. It can be seen that Civilization Revolution 2 is a strategy game that is highly appreciated for mobile phones. Let us find out why it is loved by many players in the present time through this article.

Pay for downloading games

The first thing to care about is Civilization Revolution 2 is not a free game like most other products in the game market today. In order to download the game, you need to spend about $ 4.99 per download. Of course, this amount has been adjusted and reduced quite a lot because it has been released a long time ago. With a relatively high price compared to the average level of mobile games, it is obvious that the confidence of 2K Games issuers comes from the cost of the game must go hand in hand with quality if it does not want to be played boycott right from the first time you enjoy the game. And yes, the publisher 2K Games did not disappoint players when equipped with attractive features along with a series of changes in this game that made it not inferior to any strategy game on the current world.

Visual control style

You may not know, Civilization Revolution 2 is the mobile version of the famous series of strategy games on the PC developed by Sid Meier himself. This helps it retain the traditional features compared to the original version along with many new changes that promise to bring players great moments of experience right on their phones.

The game also incorporates familiar tactical elements along with intuitive control style and user-friendly interface. This will help you not spend too much time getting used to the operations that the game brings. In general, the special design of Civilization Revolution 2 will make it easy for players to use their fingertips to experience the in-game world vividly and excitingly through famous events and characters such as Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi or Churchill…

Become a talented commander

In the game, players will become a talented commander to help their nation grow strongly in many aspects. Your mission is to lead your people to explore new technologies, economic and military developments to serve the purpose of building a strong nation. The special thing is that you have the right to decide whether to wage war or peace with other countries without any binding from the game. The fate of the nation is always in your hands, what are you waiting for? Quickly download the game immediately to become a talented commander in Civilization Revolution 2 right now.

Besides creating strength in economic and military potential, you should also focus on science and technology or build world wonders to increase your country’s influence over other places to make it easier to dominate. Overall, the gameplay of Civilization Revolution 2 is quite similar to the games of the same genre so you will not take too much time to understand what the game brings. You just need to follow the instructions that are built into the game to help your country grow in accordance with your wishes.

The system of works is relatively diverse

The next highlight comes from this game is that it brings a system of extremely diverse and abundant works. This will help players to develop and expand the civilization of the country according to your preferences easily. Each project will need a certain amount of time to complete and afterward, the buildings will need more time to build. Therefore, you can do other things instead of waiting to avoid wasting your time.

The excellent graphics quality

Civilization Revolution 2 possesses a much more impressive 3D graphics quality than the same products in the current gaming market. The quality of the display in the game is really high thanks to the extremely successful depictions that help you easily enjoy the fierce battle right on your phone. It can be seen that the game’s graphics really go beyond the phone system, reaching the Console quality without a mobile strategy game is comparable in the present time.


Civilization Revolution 2 is a game that owns a high-end graphics platform. The gameplay is changed a lot to create excitement for players during the game experience. The game is currently available on both the largest online stores today, the App Store and Google Play for $ 4.99 for each download. However, you can download the game completely for free through the APK link below this article and experience immediately.

Depending on your needs, you can download Civilization Revolution 2 MOD APK or Civilization Revolution 2 Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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