NameBullet Battle
Latest Version1.0.7
PlatformsAndroid 4.3, iOS 9.0
MOD FeaturesNo


In the previous articles, we have introduced you to the game Mighty Army: World War 2 from the publisher FORZA GAMES. They have been very successful with this product when it comes to the gameplay is extremely attractive and picture quality is relatively beautiful that players can enjoy the moment is extremely interesting but equally dramatic and attractive. The hopefully with Bullet Battle, players will still enjoy the role-playing game along with the extremely fierce battle built-in. This is a product born after the late Mighty Army: World War 2, it is expected to become a strategic card to help FORZA GAMES confirm its appeal in the current game market. The game is developed on both Android and IOS platforms, so you can install games and enjoy them quickly.

Fierce battle

Coming with Bullet Battle, players will be brought to the battle extremely fierce and cruel. Everything will happen at a fairly high pace, and you will be defeated at any time if you do not focus on the game. This is a mortal battle that requires the player to destroy all enemies present on the map in order to gain victory in each level. All the bomb play effects in the game are meticulously described, giving the player a lively experience. You can easily immerse yourself in the fierce atmosphere of the game through carefully crafted scenes, along with smooth motion effects that will surely rejuvenate the battlefield between the two teams in a beautiful way.

In general, the game requires a lot of manipulation skills from the player. You need to manipulate the character skillfully to dodge the incoming shots from the enemy, and to surprise the enemy with his bold decisions. In order to win this battle, the player must coordinate with his teammates to help each other in dangerous situations. This is a team-high game, if you work individually you will be defeated by the enemy in a split second.

Manipulate familiar system

Bullet Battle‘s controls are quite familiar and not too different from the game of the same genre. The virtual steering wheel located on the left of the experience screen will help you control the character easily. Numerous operations such as shoot, load bullets, throwing grenades,… are quite well integrated right side of the screen so players can quickly become familiar with how to control in a short time. If you are a new player, pay attention to the instructions that come with the game so that you can get the information you need.

Many compelling game modes

Bullet Battle offers a number of highly addictive game modes to keep players from getting boring while playing the game for a long time. Each mode of play will be completely different in terms of how it operates, thereby providing a different feel for the experience and providing more choices for the player.

1. With TEAM mode, players must master their teammates, and then give them the appropriate tactics for each match, in order to win the game quickly. Let’s work together well, which will make the enemy feel lost direction and lose in a short time.

2. The SURVIVE mode will bring you along with other players to a certain location, and the battle for survival will take place soon after. In general, the mode of operation of this game is learned from traditional survival games. You will have to collect weapons and defeat all the same people if you want to win.

3. PvP Mode: This will allow you to compete with other players around the world thanks to an internet connection. You have to show your ability to manipulate and make sensible decisions at critical moments in order to defeat the enemy. Take advantage of the terrain from the game, hide and surprise the enemy with a shot of the network is a perfect idea.


The game not only brings the battlefield is extremely fierce, but it also owns the beautiful 3D graphics format promises to make players feel satisfied for the first time to enjoy. In general, everything in the Bullet Battle is reasonably well-described, making the game’s quality experience significantly higher. With its alluring gameplay and relatively innovative operating style, the game will definitely make a difference and make the game one of the most popular games on the market today.

Depending on your needs, you can download Bullet Battle MOD APK or Bullet Battle Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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Bullet Battle: PvP Online Shooter
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