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Realizing the potential of Bravely’s development – the game was launched in 2012 and gained a lot of prominent achievements coming from the famous SQUARE ENIX publisher, who quietly developed the next version of This is called Bravely Archive. This game has been officially available on both the App Store and Google Play, allowing players to easily download games and experience fast. Overall, the Bravely Archive is an upgraded version of the game that comparatively better than its predecessor, but still retains the familiar RPG-style and features some of the cool new features that promise to deliver great experiences moments for the players.

To be present at the right time

The current game market is saturated with products that are not is comparatively from previous generations. One expects a return to the classic RPG style the past to create an exciting atmosphere for the gaming market once again. Consequently, SQUARE ENIX has teamed up with Silicon Studio to create the Bravely Archive, a game that was developed by the previous famous man. great experiences, this is a wise move from the publisher to assert its position a is comparatively competitors. You can download the game relatively easily with the link APK is integrated below, but first refer to this article to be able to what Bravely Archive brings.

The plot is carefully invested

Bravely Archive retains the same plot as the famous Bravely series, but the timing of the game is pushed back 100 years before major events begin. The existence of the universe is guaranteed by the rock crystal fire, Earth, Water, Feng creates a period of extremely peaceful and developed. Joining the game, the player will be transformed into an administrator of the Anastasis library with the task of exploring the power and origin of the crystals that are believed to be the power of the entire world. You will have to take on difficult journeys and meet like-minded friends to fulfill this noble mission. Prepare for anything and start your dangerous adventure in Bravely Archive right now offline.

The battle is fierce

The game takes the player to extremely fierce battles, your task is to arrange your team properly to win each game. The first battle will be relatively easy, this will help you to familiarize with the play of the Bravely Archive quite easily. The difficulty of the next battle will be increased by bringing the opponent is equipped with destructive power, if not careful you will lose at any time.

Your army will consist of characters such as Cavalry, Archers, Wizards, Ninjas … Each character will own distinct strengths and weaknesses,  which will make the player easier in choosing the right squad to fight. The tactical element is very important in Bravely Archive, so you should alternately change the team in the battle to be able to optimize the power they bring.

In addition, the way the game controls relatively simple to help players do not take too much time to get acquainted. You just need to touch your character help them develop their skills easily, so consider carefully before deciding to attack or defend because this will directly affect the game’s position every fight.

Familiar graphics style

If you have ever experienced the previous version, you will recognize the familiarity of the image quality of the Bravely Archive MOD APK. Games are not equipped with 3D graphics platform but still vividly replay the fierce battle and make the player feel satisfied with what it brings. Overall, the details in the game are not really sharp and seamless, so the quality of the player experience is significantly reduced.

The sound makes attract

The soundtrack in the game created an impression for us from the first every night, the game is integrated with the background music is extremely exciting to make players feel excited throughout the experience. In addition, the sound emitted every time the character performs the operation will definitely give you a new feel and attractive when enjoying.


With what Bravely Archive brings, it will surely bring a fresh wind to the gaming market for the time being. Beside super products of RPG such asEternium: Mage And Minions or Evoland, you can choose Bravely Archive to enjoy and feel the charm of a game built in the style of superhero Bravely Previous. What are you waiting for? Download the game and experience it now.

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