NameBraveland Heroes
Publisher Tortuga Team
Latest Version1.35.12
PlatformsAndroid, iOS 7.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money


The appeal comes from tactical games that have been tested through hit products such as Clash Of Clans or Boom Beach. Coming to Braveland Heroes (MOD, Unlimited Money) players will still participate in the battle is extremely fierce but the attraction lies in the tactical element is very unique, you will have to try to create the right team in each battle to Can win against other opponents. The game was developed by Tortuga Team, a not-so-prominent publisher in the gaming market, but still made its mark on products such as Sunday Avenue and the Braveland Pirate. In this article, we will help you better understand the interesting points around Braveland Heroes.

The plot invested carefully

In the game Bravery Heroes, players will be brought to the Middle Ages. This is said to be continuous period takes place the struggle among nations the right choices in the world. To free the world from the current situation, you need to find an elite army to help you accomplish this noble mission. Are you ready to take on the grueling journey of the game? Quickly download the game using the APK link below the article and do it right away.

Tactic still the most important factor

Similar to the same genre game, tactical elements in Braveland Heroes retains the necessary importance. To win each battle requires players to build the right tactics if they do not want to be captured by opponents. Battlefields in the game are built in the form of hexagonal cells, you have to set the location of troops in each cell that promotes the maximum power they bring.

The battles in Braveland Heroes are played in turn, meaning that each player will perform his tactics such as attack or defense in each turn. You will have to be clever to perform moves and at the same time develop the right players for your team in each turn to be able to win the opponent.

The system of soldiers is diverse

Braveland Heroes offers a wide variety of soldiers, including monsters, archers, infantry, knights, etc., allowing players to easily select the right kind of soldiers for their squad. In addition, the power they bring is completely different, you just need to position their position in a reasonable way in each battle and enjoy their victory immediately.

In addition, you can use the unique skills built into each battle to blow the enemy in a heartbeat. Note, after using the skill will have a certain time, you have to wait to be able to continue to use. Players can also upgrade their skills with the money they earn through each match. Use your skills properly if you do not want the opponent to overturn the situation.

Journey without an end

Braveland Heroes will take players to the ancient villages to do their own battles, or visit the cold snowy mountains to fight the ice giants … every place in the game will Brings fun to players throughout the experience. You need to enjoy the game long enough to be able to understand each type of terrain to apply appropriate tactics in each battle that you participate.

Graphics quality is relatively nice

Graphics format in Braveland Heroes only stops at 2D, still make players feel excited about the images that the game brings. The details of the game are extremely unique and combined with the smooth transition effects promises to bring great moments of experience for players. In addition, the quality of the environment in the game is a very sophisticated design that is attractive to players as soon as they enjoy.

The sound is an indispensable landmark for the genre game tactics, it brought the appeal in the battle contributed to the exciting atmosphere for players to experience the game. Braveland Heroes have integrated sound systems of great quality that will surely make you feel very excited to participate in the fierce battle in the game.


Compared to the same products on the market, Braveland Heroes is no less in terms of gameplay as well as image quality brings. Although not officially released in the game market, but the game has received a lot of expectations from players around the world, this shows that Braveland Heroes is really a carefully invested product from the developer. Operation Tortuga Team. The game is in the process of completion, please wait a little more time to officially experience the game.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Braveland Heroes MOD APK or Braveland Heroes Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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