NameBlood Rivals
Publisher Phoenix Games
Latest Version2.3
PlatformsAndroid 4.3
MOD FeaturesNo


Blood Rivals: Survival Battleground (English Version) is the latest addition to the family of mobile survival games. It can be said that survival games are so familiar to players all over the world, that the development of their products by survival category is a rather risky step from the publisher Phoenix Games Team. There are too many super games like Rules of Survival or PUBG Mobile to win the trust of players for a long time, whether Blood Rivals: Survival Battleground can confirm their position in the game market in the present time. Please download the game on Google Play or the App Store to make the most accurate assessment.

Copy ideas

Basically, the gameplay of Blood Rivals: Survival Battleground is not much different than the same products. You will be taken to a vast island to start a fierce battle live with other players around the world. Your task is to try to become the last survivor to win each level. This is not a simple challenge, you should be careful with your decisions if you do not want to kill as soon as the game experience. If it’s a traditional survival game, Blood Rivals: Survival Battleground will be a worthwhile experience.

The familiar control system

The game’s behavior is the same as the other survival games, but the visual changes of the virtual keys are integrated on the screen. Players can control their characters easily or perform tasks such as jumping, loading ammunition, shooting, etc. via virtual buttons that are visually equipped on the experience screen. Maintaining the same control system as the other games is perfectly reasonable because these operations are so familiar to players around the world that it makes them easy to get used to controlling the game.

War to the death

At the start of the fight, all the players will be given a helicopter to come to a deserted island. This place is also the place to takes place the battle live extremely fierce and attractive soon after. You will be given a landing location in the direction of the helicopter’s move. Choose a location far from the center to avoid confronting enemies at the start of the battle. This will help you preserve your strength and possess more chances of winning than other players.

In particular, you will not need to find the right weapon during the game experience. When participating in the battle, players will be equipped with the necessary weapons to help the pace of the game quickly. You need to look for other players or offer the right tactics to gain an initial advantage over the enemy. After defeating an enemy, you can advance to his place to steal the pages that fit your needs. In general, Blood Rivals: Survival Battleground does not integrate the equipment on the map to create a distinct difference compared to the same products.

The game’s relatively large map allows players to hide wherever they like. There will be a lot of constructs built into the game, so you should use them to get a good location to kill other players. In-game transportation vehicles include motorcycles, cars, trains, etc. Players can use them to move to the desired location quickly.

In addition, the Blood Rivals: Survival Battleground is also integrated safety circle to bring players closer together. After a certain amount of time, the circle will appear randomly on the map. You will have to move into safe circles to save your life, people outside of the area will have their blood drawn and die gradually. The longer the game takes, the narrower the circle, the better the player should choose the location to optimize their advantage.

Need to improve graphics quality

Although the graphics of the Blood Rivals: Survival Battleground is built on the 3D platform but not bring the best for players when the experience. Details such as the environment, works, characters are not really sharp and smooth. The game needs to improve its image quality in the next update if it wants to compete with other competitors in the gaming market. The transition effects in the game are not really smooth but still can satisfy the players do not demand too high in graphics quality. However, this will help low-configuration devices experience the game smoothly.

The sound makes a hit

Unlike graphics, the sound in the game really impresses us through the charismatic background music combined with the noise emitted every time the player performs the action. It can be seen that the sound system of Blood Rivals: Survival Battleground is invested very carefully to create a fierce atmosphere for players as soon as the game.

The end

Because of debuting not long ago, Blood Rivals: Survival Battleground is not really a hit point for players who love survival games. You need to wait a bit longer for the game to get better in the next update. The game supports Android and iOS platform so it makes it easy for players to download games and enjoy them quickly. For those who use the Android operating system, you only need to have a device with Android 4.3 or higher to experience the game right away.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Blood Rivals MOD APK or Blood Rivals Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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