Download Blade Reborn APK (by Snail Games) - ARPG for Android/iOS

Posted 4 months ago by APKMody

cover blade reborn
  • App details
  • Publisher Snail Games
  • Platforms Android 4.0.3+ iOS 6.0+
  • Price Free
  • Size 43M
  • Latest Version 1.1.8
  • Date Updated October 28, 2018

According to the official information we received 2 hours ago, producer Snail Games has announced the release of the game Blade Reborn on worldwide. Currently, the game is officially available in the Google Play and AppStore rankings, with a capacity of 476.9 MB supporting the best smartphone handsets. Is game category role-playing ARPG quite similar to the famous Jugulo series on the PC? This game promises to bring people a great experience in this 2018. Now, invite everyone you more details about this game.

Introduce Blade Reborn – ARPG extremely awesome graphics from Snail Games

Has been rolling out for less than a week, but the game Blade Reborn for Android has attracted thousands of installs on the Google Play and AppStore. Being a familiar ARPG game similar to Diablo promises to give players a great experience. Owned the system features a basic character consisting of witches, warriors, and assassins with customizable skill systems of up to 64 points allowing the player to freely choose a figure that suits him or her. The dungeons are dark enough for players to plow through time.

download blade reborn

Familiar gameplay

Blade Reborn has a fairly simple gameplay, applies new technology to help players easily controlled. That allowed players to easily control their characters moving, fighting and using skills. With the number of monsters plummeting, you will have to be prepared to sweep all the targets at eye level and collect rewards including gold and equipment to upgrade your character me.

Systems equipped

Besides, Blade Reborn for iOS also allows you to swap weapons at the click of a button to create extremely complex and interesting skill combos. All will ensure a slashing experience that does not compromise on PC games. Equipped with many similarities to Diablo, Blade Reborn still has its own advantages with the Mystery System that helps players build their own character with talented and rune systems.

download blade reborn for ios

Play mode

There are also many features such as PvP, MOBA, Boss World to find extremely rare gadgets that you can not ignore. Each mode has a different emphasis, you can enjoy and experience through different modes. What are you waiting for, join in this game to prove you are a real player.

download blade reborn for android

Note: Blade Reborn on mobile is a trial version, so it’s possible that the official launch of the game will be erased from scratch, to begin with, though with what has been revealed this is definitely a game ARPG is worth a try at the beginning of the year.

download blade reborn apk

Graphics and sound

In terms of graphics, Blade Reborn brings beautiful 3D style, applied the most advanced technology in Europe. With sophisticated designs, character systems varied, interfaces and a variety of arsenal, this game gives players an immersive experience. Sounds exciting, through dramatic matches to the last moments, increasing the appeal of this game.


Overall, Blade Reborn is a familiar ARPG role-playing game, with a peculiar style of PVP. If you liked this game, you can download Blade Reborn for Android, iOS for free. In addition, we will give people a version Blade Reborn APK, which helps people who not have a good smartphone experience on the PC. To be able to experience on a PC, people install the computer and install PC emulator on your computer.

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