NameBlack Desert Mobile
Publisher Pearl Abyss
Latest Version1.21.56
PlatformsAndroid 5.0, iOS 8.0
MOD FeaturesNo


Field series MMORPG always bring exciting experience for players, and most of some games of this type always cared about the gameplay and pictures, making you feel very excited about the experience. Black Desert Mobile (APK) too, this game is based on the PC version and is getting a lot of great success. Although released long ago, but this game has achieved a huge amount of downloads. It is known that Black Desert Mobile is available on both Android and IOS operating systems, allowing players to download and experience the easy way. As a game developed by the famous Pearl Abyss publisher is sure to inspire the whole of the world. In this article, we will be together to find out the highlights from MMORPGs are expected many people this year.

Beautiful graphics

The first thing to mention is the graphics quality, one of the notable highlights of this game. As with the PC version, Black Desert Mobile is well-financed in terms of graphics, making the battles in the game come alive and more beautiful than ever. The attacks and skill effects are described in a smoother manner, promising to bring the best experience to the player.

For those who love the game on the PC version, you will definitely be pleased with what Black Desert Mobile brings. You will be immersed in the battle climax most vividly.

Gameplay is familiar

It can be said that the way of operating Black Desert Mobile is quite similar to the usual MMORPG. First, you will be selected characters to accompany during the game. The game offers five classes of characters with completely different abilities, which you need to consider carefully before choosing to avoid dissatisfaction with the experience.

Come to Black Desert Mobile you will be taken to an open world where you can do anything in this game. With the three territories as Serendia, Calpheon, and Balenos, players can move to these exciting locations through the integrated mission system. In addition, you can freely experience the land without any constraints.

Operational mechanism and system PK

The operation of the game quite simple, you will have to destroy monsters to be able to get the necessary equipment. At the same time, will help the character possess new skill sets after leveling up, which will increase the character’s stats quickly.

Once you have the combat experience and equipment you need, you can compete with other players through the built-in PK system. This is the most anticipated in the game, Black Desert Mobile promises to bring endless battles, the competition in the game will be pushed to the top thanks to the screen between players together.

Interesting community

Black Desert Mobile will bring players around the world closer together through an internet connection. You will be familiar with other players, they may not be in the same language but will help you a lot during the experience. This will make collective game-high, requiring the cooperation of the players together to achieve the highest efficiency.

When performing difficult tasks, you definitely will not be able to finish it yourself. Make friends in the game to get help in critical situations, enemies will feel scared when faced with your allies. In addition, Black Desert Mobile brings exciting activities throughout the game, and you will be introduced to the customs and traditions integrated into the game.


Overall, Black Desert Mobile is a perfect companion to the PC version. Although built on the mobile platform, but with what brings is not inferior to any game of the same category on the market today. With unique gameplay and graphics quality, promises to make players feel attracted quickly. When the game is officially released, you can download games for both iOS and Android.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Black Desert Mobile MOD APK or Black Desert Mobile Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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