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In this article, we will bring to you the BattleBox, a game built in the traditional shooting style but promises to make you feel extremely fun during the process of enjoying. It was developed by ChaloApps – a publisher is really different from the others when creating unique products in terms of gameplay but still makes players feel excited right from the first experience. Some typical products like Memes Wars or Stickmans PvP have actually made a lot of success when gaining relatively large installations on Google Play. Hopefully, the appearance of BattleBox will help them stir up the game market again. Please join us to help you briefly review this game before deciding to download the game.

Familiar features

The context in the BattleBox really does not change compared to other shooting games on the market, you will still be able to participate in a fierce battle between the two camps and can only decide to win or lose through the top high matches. Of course, this is a game that requires your device to be connected to the internet to be able to team up and fight with other players around the world. Your task is to coordinate well with your teammates, support them in critical situations to destroy as many enemies as possible.

The in-game control mechanism is relatively simple to help you not take too much time to help the character perform the actions according to his will. In the game will not integrate any virtual steering wheel but you can still control the movement easily by touching and swipe to the left of the screen experience. In addition, familiar actions such as throwing grenades, shooting, reloading, jumping up, etc, will be integrated visually to the right of the screen. You can use those actions, in turn, to make it possible to defeat the enemy in a split second.

In addition, the main interface in BattleBox is not too fussy when it only brings some basic information to help players can understand the current situation of the war. You will be provided with a certain number of game networks corresponding to the number of hearts displayed in the left corner of the screen or perform video recording to review the battle by touching the integrated camera button to the right corner. Click the jag icon to enter the installation easily.

The extremely diverse character system

It can be seen that the character system is the most prominent highlight coming from this game. BattleBox brings a lot of characters with different looks to help players quickly choose the characters that fit their own preferences. The game offers a variety of character classes such as police, thieves, Santa Claus, teddy bears, queens, etc…, will definitely make you feel extremely excited during the experience.

Not only that, each character class will bring completely different characters to the shape as well as the amount of money you have to spend to own them completely different, this will help players have more suitable choices with your budget. Take turns changing characters in different battles so you don’t get bored during the experience. Note, the character in the game only makes sense in terms of spirit but does not increase your strength in battles.

Many attractive modes

The BattleBox not only integrates a normal game mode but also brings three different genres such as Team Battle, Death Match and Sandbox to help players change the game mode whenever they get bored. Of course, the player’s task in each game mode is completely different, so you need to experience the game long enough to better understand the rules that apply.

In addition, you can upgrade or purchase new weapons through a few simple steps. You just need to go into the Shop feature and click on Guns to have the freedom to own your guns with completely different powers. Try to win as many victories as possible so that you can receive worthy rewards, then use the money you earn to own the items you love in this game.

Simple graphics but really attractive

Just like simple style games, graphics in BattleBox do not integrate too many outstanding image technologies but still ensure the fun for players during the experience. The graphics in the game are equipped with relatively simple combination with the harmoniously coordinated colors that promise to bring you extremely fierce but no less vivid battles. In addition, the transition effect in the game is quite smooth, so you can enjoy stability on low-profile devices.

Try experiencing BattleBox once in your life

Although not equipped with too many outstanding features compared to the cult products in the game market, but BattleBox really makes us feel extremely satisfied during the process of enjoying. With simple gameplay, relatively nice quality graphics and vivid sound system make sure this game will not be a bad choice at the present time. If you like a genre shooter, which combined with a simple style, please try BattleBox experience.

Depending on your needs, you can download BattleBox MOD APK or BattleBox Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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