NameBasketball Battle
Publisher DoubleTap Software
Latest Version2.1.13
PlatformsAndroid 4.1+ iOS 8.0+
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/Cash


Basketball Battle is a game built in the style of traditional sports, you will be transformed into a basketball player to conquer the glory ahead. Its gameplay brings unique and different compared to the same genre game, players only need to control a single player and do everything to win in each game screen. Was developed by the publisher DoubleTap Software and was launched in the market a long time ago, but at the present time, Basketball Battle is still a popular player in the world thanks to the outstanding features which it brings. Let us find out what makes this game become successful.

Really special

Compared to direct competitors such as EA or Gameloft, DoubleTap Software is just a small publisher and has not achieved much in the gaming market. However, Basketball Battle really helped them become more known in the world. If you have experienced the popular NBA basketball game from EA then surely will recognize the meticulous attention to detail from the gameplay as well as the graphics quality that it brings. Basketball Battle is quite the opposite, the game does not put too much emphasis on image or sound. It mainly focuses only developed his own unique style of play, ready to become a product to attract more players to experience. Having over 10,000,000 installs on CH Play is enough to prove the appeal of this game. Alternatively, you can download the game via the integrated APK link below the article.

Style street design

The first thing that impressed us with this game is the graphic design style. The character in the game is equipped with extremely fun shape and street style. The expression of the character is quite different, along with a variety of color options that will surely make you feel good the first time you enjoy it. This makes it easy for players to select and create a character that fits in with them throughout the game experience.

The quality shown in the game is quite good, everything will be arranged in harmony through the extremely animated picture that the game brings. You will enjoy a traditional basketball game but in a whole new dimension, create the excitement for the player right when enjoying the game.

Simple control system

As with the gameplay, the control system in Basketball Battle is relatively simple to help players quickly get acquainted. The touch buttons are integrated directly into the game screen will certainly bring maximum convenience. You only need to do a few basic operations that can control your character doing things like running, jumping and throwing the ball easily.

Funny game

Basketball Battle allows players to participate in the match at the start of the game without having to go through any other cumbersome procedures. You will be transformed into a basketball player and look for ways to score as many points as possible. Each match will take place in a relatively short time, players need to chip the opportunity to get to finish off opponents quickly. You will have to confront other players around the world through an internet connection. This will bring the game extremely attractive and make players unable to take their eyes off the screen during the game.

In Basketball Battle, players only need to control a player on the field and compare with another player. Initially, the ball will be played randomly on the field and you will have to move quickly in order to possess it and gain an advantage over the opponent. When they win the ball, you should retire to the defense and used to manipulate high jump can disable your opponent’s attacks. Then, move it properly and take advantage of the opportunity to launch the ball throwing divine diversion that opponents do not get back to hand.

In addition, players will receive some bonus after each match. Use them very reasonable to be able to own favorite players in the game. Each player will bring different strengths as well as different looks that will definitely help you to choose the easy way.


If compared to other products on the market today, the game Basketball Battle may not be invested carefully in terms of graphics and sound system brings. But surely after the game experience, you will have a completely different view on it. Basketball Battle gameplay possesses extremely unique antagonist combined with the mechanism works quite interesting certainly will not make you feel frustrated during the game.

Basketball Battle MOD APK requires Android OS 4.1 or higher, 1GB RAM and you don’t need to Root the device before installing.

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