NameBall Blast
Publisher VOODOO
Latest Version1.12
PlatformsAndroid 4.4, iOS 9.0
MOD FeaturesUnlocked/No ADS


If you have ever played through the titles of the Voodoo publisher, then you will realize that they all carry a simplified playing style, but still, capture the hearts of many players around the world. Ball Blast (MOD, Unlocked/No ADS) is also a lightweight, non-competitive game like the other titles in the genre. It is said that Voodoo has been very successful with what they do, most of the games they made are received warmly. Currently, Ball Blast is only developed on the iOS operating system, and in the coming time will launch an Android version. With a capacity of only 116.4MB, you can download games and enjoy great moments of relaxation right now.

Simple gameplay

Coming to Ball Blast, the player controls a continuous cannon fired in mid-air to destroy the floating stones and can crush you at any moment. Move the cannon continuously to increase survivability. Each stone carries a certain number of points, as you shoot them down. They will split into two smaller stones when the score is half that of the original. Like the activity of a molecule, they are separated from each other until they are shot down by the player.

You should concentrate on playing this game because just one moment of distraction will be crushed by small stones and Game Over immediately. Players must try to destroy as many stones as possible, to reach the high score with the same amount of money. Do not be too confident when you shoot down a few tablets, because the difficulty of the game is increasing fast so you can not get back.

Interesting play style

The game is similar to the game Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter on PC, made a big resound 3 years ago. But Ball Blast brings the necessary upgrades and minimalism to the gameplay, making it a favorite game of all ages. After each level of play, you will receive a corresponding amount to upgrade your gun. Increased damage, meaning you will quickly shoot down the stones and achieve higher scores, breaking the record of the previous game.

Design and sound

Graphics of Ball Blast is also designed to be simple, not too sophisticated but still delivers sharp image quality. Scenes in the game are equipped with a 2D format close to the player. Small details such as plants, the distant hills are minimized to provide a visual, lively. Color in the game brings a bright look, attracting players in animation style but no less delicate. The appeal of Ball Blast lies in the gameplay, but graphics are also a factor in making the game more balanced and appealing.

The sound of the game is not so distinctive, just the echoes of the cannon shots. Along with that is the melodic tuning built-in, giving the player a high level of concentration.

Other utilities

Players can experience the game and challenge the people around you, to shove your own record of creation. As such, enough to create fierce competition between the two sides, but not to lose the fun atmosphere inherent. After hours of study and hard work, you can find Ball Blast as a tool to entertain yourself effectively. Although the game is not so special as other popular games, what it brings true will help you a lot.


When you are no longer interested in games that require high player skills or complex puzzle games, Ball Blast will be the best choice. It will entertain you after the stressful moments in life, bringing a new breath to the mobile game seems to be saturated by the years. Players will feel alive with their own childhood, re-experiencing games that were deep in the search for a baby.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Ball Blast MOD APK or Ball Blast Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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