NameARK: Survival Evolved
Publisher Studio Wildcard
Latest Version2.0.07
PlatformsAndroid 7.0, iOS 9.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money


Have you ever thought of the prospect of being brought to an ancient age and living with mysterious creatures? Or start life without the means to support, it sounds interesting, right? That is not too difficult, ARK: Survival Evolved (MOD, Unlimited Money) will help you do it easily with just a mobile phone. The game was developed by the publisher Studio Wildcard, which is available on both Android and iOS. What’s special about is that it’s free, allowing players to experience quickly. Is a survival genre game, promising to bring players to the wild war on the mysterious island. For more information on the island, invite your friends to learn about the advantages of this game offline.

Strange island

When you open your eyes, you do not know what happened to you. A deserted island appears in front of the story is extremely irrational, may space has been reversed? But before you think about it, it’s your job to survive on this desert island all the way, to look for hope back to everyday life. In ARK: Survival Evolved, players must hunt meat, produce furniture, plant or exploit resources to withstand harsh conditions. There will be many new creatures appearing in front of you, researching and utilizing your agility to tame the dinosaurs is also a good idea. Find your teammates on this vast island, knowing they will help you get the supplies you need. Download the game and join in the fight survive this right now.

Build new lives

At the start of this game experience, you will not be equipped with anything else to help develop the essentials you need to have real-life experiences. The player’s primary mission is to ensure adequate food and suitable habitat to overcome weather conditions. You can go to the forest to look for the necessary raw materials, build a solid house to avoid the sudden rain from nature. You will have to do everything before the help of other players.

Once you have a stable source of life, you can explore this vast island without worrying about anything. The dinosaurs will appear everywhere, they can become a companion throughout the course of the battle survive. Remember, they will not be friendly in the first place, you will have to make them weak and start to tame and turn them into pet animals. This is also the special highlight that ARK: Survival Evolved brings. Dinosaurs will help you deal with the threats that come from other players. During the game, the pet can level up and help you carry items such as armor, coffers, … to prepare for an exciting discovery.

Suspense and exciting

On the move, you can meet many other players. Help them have a more stable life, or be invited to participate in teamwork. To tamper with dinosaurs, if help comes from other people, this will be a lot easier.

The player can do everything in ARK: Survival Evolved, just have a new generation smartphone. If you are a perfectionist, you can be content with your life. For those who love novelty, this deserted island will make a fun but challenging destination waiting ahead. Join the fight survive and do what you want right now.

Top graphics

Since this is a survival genre, so the quality of the graphics is without controversy. ARK: Survival Evolved is a 3D model, with very detailed descriptions that are extremely realistic and very familiar. The ancient world will appear before the eyes of players with majestic but no less mysterious, waiting for players to explore. Images such as dinosaurs, humans, nature,… are polished in both form and motion to bring the most vivid experience possible.

I love ARK: Survival Evolved

If you are a fan of new things, do not miss this game. ARK: Survival Evolved will bring you different levels of emotions, the battles of life going on will cause you to sweat when you experience it. Now, you can download ARK: Survival Evolved for Android / iOS for free, to enjoy the mysterious adventure on a deserted island.

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Note: Depending on your needs, you can download ARK: Survival Evolved MOD APK or ARK: Survival Evolved Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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