NameAmazing Katamari Damacy
Publisher Bandai NamCo
Latest Version1.2.1.1263
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3, iOS 8.0
MOD Features


Although the Endless Runner genre has gained a lot of hits such as Subway Surfer or Temples Run, Amazing Katamari Damacy APK still has its own distinctive character as compared to other games. Bandai Namco decided to challenge themselves when launching the game right at the time when there were so many direct competitors to them. However, with the superior features brought to the Amazing Katamari Damacy completely captures the player’s enjoyment right after the experience and proves it to be an excellent game in many respects. Let’s take a look at the advantages of this game.

Famous Katamari game series

This is a very popular series of games around the world because of the extremely simple gameplay combined with extremely unique image quality. It was launched in Japan in 2004, so far, there have been over 10 products designed based on the Katamari brand concept on many platforms mobile. Amazing Katamari Damacy is also one of them, this latest version of the popular series dedicated to the mobile platform. The game is built in the style Endless Runner with a wealth of new improvements that will surely make players feel comfortable right from the first-time experience. You can download the game using the APK link below this article to instantly experience the game.

Running to win

Like other games, Amazing Katamari Damacy requires the player to control his character constantly moving forward in order to gain the highest score in each level. There will be a lot of obstacles blocking you throughout the experience, and if you collide with them, you lose a lot quickly. Amazing Katamari Damacy is not divided into 3 columns to move like other games, the game allows players to freely control the character moves left or right in the built-in playground. This will make you feel more free and relaxed while enjoying the game.

The task of the player is to collect as many items as possible, they will appear randomly on the way to help you pick up quickly. But do not be too greedy, if you are too absorbed in collecting items, you will easily hit the obstacles in front of your eyes. Amazing Katamari Damacy also allows characters to perform dance moves, but most of the gameplay is highly dependent on movement. In general, the style of Amazing Katamari Damacy is not much different than the games of the same category. Players will have to control the character to move continuously until you touch any obstacle along the way. Then you will be starting from scratch and conquer the higher score in each game screen.

Diverse mission system

Amazing Katamari Damacy owns a very rich and diverse mission system. Players will have to make requests from the game to be able to receive rewards. They will help you own the items you want in this game. Also, every day you can log into the game to receive a gift from any game or take on new challenges to receive unexpected gifts.

Adorable graphics

The Amazing Katamari Damacy‘s graphics are built quite similarly to previous Katamari games. The characters in the game are pretty fun and beautiful will definitely make you feel satisfied immediately. In each level, you will be teleported to different maps to complete the challenge. This will make the player feel good and not feel bored when playing the game long. In addition, the transition effects in the game are quite smooth to suit the low configuration device.

Great sound system

Background music in the game is extremely exciting integration created a sense of excitement for the players to enjoy the game every time. Voices emitted when characters encounter obstacles or items along the way will make you feel comfortable and achieve high concentration. Since it’s a free product, ads will appear in the experience, so you should be familiar with it to avoid the inhibition of gaming.


With all this, the Amazing Katamari Damacy is the perfect companion for the players at the moment. Compared to other products, the Amazing Katamari Damacy is outstanding in terms of gameplay and graphics quality. You will be exploring endless adventures along with your character, thereby feeling the excitement in each level of play. Join the game and enjoy the great moments of the moment.

Note: Depending on your needs, you can download Amazing Katamari Damacy MOD APK or Amazing Katamari Damacy Original APK. Or install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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